auction pick up primer

Key Things to Know

Emptying out a home is no small feat, and we have a few tips and tricks (and policies) to cover to make your pick up as seamless as possible. 

Be prepared

Make sure you bring the necessary supplies to collect your winning bids. This includes things like boxes, bags and packing paper, or tools if you need to take something apart or remove it from the wall. 

leave ample time to pack

If you purchase a picker’s lot, or any other lots with many pieces (shelves of books, dishes, closet lots, etc). it’s important to leave yourself sufficient time to collect your items. All purchases must be outside the house by the time we close the pick up. (See our late pick up policy below.)

Bring help

Be sure to bring an extra person (or two!) if you have furniture or anything that would be tricky to move.

Frequently asked questions

Can I pick up my items at another time?

We are frequently asked if items can be picked up a day early, later in the day, later in the week, etc. Unfortunately, this is just not possible. Our team is only at the pick up location on the day of the pick up, during the specified hours. We ask that you kindly not commit to bidding in an auction unless you are certain you can make the advertised pick up time. Doing otherwise risks forfeiture of items. We cannot offer refunds if you are not able to make the pick up. 

Something came up and I can’t make the pick up. What now?

If your items are shippable, we may be able to offer that service if you are not able to make the pick up. We do not offer shipping on anything breakable, heavy/bulky or on picker lots. Same-day shipping requests are not guaranteed. Your best bet and our preferred method would be to have someone else pick up the items for you. If you purchased items that we cannot ship and you don’t have someone who can pick up for you, the items would need to be forfeited.

I hit traffic / had car trouble / have Covid. Can I get my stuff later?

If you are not able to make it to the pick up location, it is VERY important that you reach out before we leave the site. That generally means sending us a text before 1 p.m. After the pick up site closes, there are zero things we can do to help. Per our contract, items not picked up are returned to the homeowner. We may be able to grab your items for you, though that depends on the type of item you got (we are not loading up a closet lot or packing up a dish set, for example). If we are able to pick up items on your behalf, there is a minimum $15 transfer fee, and you are responsible for collecting the items within 7 days. You will be instructed on where to pick up the items. We understand that things come up, however we cannot guarantee an accommodation and you may need to forfeit some or all of your items.

Do you have moving help?

We do not have moving help. Please be sure to bring help for heavy and hard-to-move items. If you do not have sufficient help to move an item safely, the item will need to be forfeited. 

I was supposed to have moving help, but they canceled. Now what?

It’s definitely a bummer when you thought you had help and they cancel. You might try finding local moving help on Craigslist or via The Bird’s Nest Auctions team is not responsible for helping to move heavy items. 

The item I bought doesn’t work / you didn’t mention this flaw. Is there anything you can do?

Non-working items or items that have flaws that were not disclosed must be reported within four days of the auction pick up. We will review refund requests on a case by case basis. You may be asked to return the items before we can process a refund. After the four-day period has elapsed, no refunds can be issued. We strongly suggest inspecting and testing items before you leave the auction site.

Can I choose to forfeit the items I won? Are there any consequences?

There is no penalty for not coming to the pick up, though a heads up is appreciated.

Late Pick Up Policy

If you are running late, it is absolutely essential that you contact us at 603-556-8295 via text to let us know you are on your way. We close our auction pick ups promptly, and items not picked up by close (or not fully packed up) are considered forfeit. If a staff member is available, you may be offered the option to have someone stay late for a fee of $30 per hour. This will be billed to the card on file with Auction Ninja. We cannot guarantee that this will be an available option. In some cases, we may be able to leave items out for you, though this is weather dependent and at the discretion of our clients. We absolutely cannot leave out large/heavy furniture, closet/picker lots or other lots that are cumbersome to move. There are cases where all or some of your items would be considered forfeited. Bidders who show a pattern of arriving late or packing items beyond the pick up closing time may have their account canceled. 

Other Things to Keep in Mind

• Buyer’s are responsible for moving furniture or other heavy items. If you recently had surgery, have bad knees or would otherwise not be able to collect these items yourself, please bring someone else to help. We cannot process refunds for items you are not able to collect.

• Please refrain from asking if someone died or commenting in general on the property. Our clients are often on-site with us. Particularly in bereavement situations, comments (however innocently made) can be hurtful. 

• Buyers are not permitted to freely walk through the property. Check in with a staff member outside of the house. We will let you know if you need to follow us into the house to pick up an item. 

• We suggest making a pit stop before you arrive at the property. We can’t guarantee access to a bathroom.